Introducing the new Tectran Video Library. A comprehensive collection of informative product videos including product highlights, training, and installation videos. More videos coming soon!
LIFESwivel™ Fittings: Live swivel fitting design reimagined. Tectran’s new LIFESwivel™ fittings are now offered on our Aircoils, Jumper Hoses, and Brake Hose Assemblies. Find out how this new Tectran Solution can work for you.

FLEXGrip-HD™: Introducing TECTRAN’s newest Solution product - FLEXGrip-HD™ premium gladhand grips. Watch and find out why you should upgrade your grips today!

TEC-CLAMP™ Product Line: TECTRAN’s new, durable Clamp Solution! Connecting tractor/trailer connection lines just got easier! The new TEC-CLAMP™ series allows you to lock in your lines and go! Watch now to find out why you should be using the TEC-CLAMP™.

AirPower Line Product Line: The original ALL-IN-ONE tractor/trailer Connection Solution. The AirPower Line combines all of the best features of our rubber air hose and ABS cable assemblies into one convenient bundle that installs in minutes. Watch now to learn how this Tectran Solution can work for you.