4-Way Single Solenoid Valve

Installation instructions for Part No. 29-SS6M - 4-way single solenoid valve is a 5 port, 2 position spool valve which offers remote electronic control along with full manual override.

Air Brake Hose - Pin Pricks

Addressing the concerns and misconceptions of pin pricks in air brake hoses.

Aircoil Installation Practices

The following practices should be adhered to in order to maximize performance and life of tractor/trailer connection lines.

Air Brake – NTA Fittings

Fitting assembly instructions.

Aircoils - ARMORCOILS™

Tectran's unique ARMORCOIL™ Aircoil assemblies consist of standard, approved Nylon Airbrake Tubing that is armored with an external protective sheath of durable polyurethane. This ensures compliance of the important tube assembly to pertinent DOT & SAE standards, while providing additional protection against kinking, abrasion and cut-through. The protective polyurethane armor is stripped back inside the nut of the fitting, enabling the use of approved DOT/SAE compression fittings, while providing extra protection to the tube at the fitting. Assemblies are fitted with FLEX-Grips™ to provide even better protection to the inner tubing during gladhand connection. Technical specifications provided.


Air Treatment TB-AD1 - Model 9 & PAP Air Dyers

Replacement instructions for Model 9 & PAP air dryers (Part No. AT065225, AT065225K, AT065224, AT33100)

Air Treatment TB-AD2 - Model 1200 Air Dryer

Replacement instructions for Model 1200 air dryer (Part No. AT955205K & AT955300

Air Treatment TB-AD5 - Model 9 Desiccant Cartridge

Replacement instructions for Model 9 desiccant cartridge (Part No. AT107796)

Air Treatment TB-AD6 - Spin On Desiccant Cartridges

Replacement instructions for spin on desiccant cartridges (Part No. AT6026, AT109994, AT950011, AT950068)

Air Treatment TB-AD19 - Model 9 & Model PAP Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide for Model 9 & Model PAP air dyers

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