DoubleDual Plugs -  One plug handles all your dual pole application needs!  Universally configured to function with both vertical and horizontal socket designs eliminating the need to stock multiple dual pole plug and cable assemblies.  DoubleDual™ plugs accommodates bi-directional connectivity regardless of the single or dual pole configuration used on either the tractor or the trailer. (PB20131008)

DOUBLEDUAL™ Replacement Chart

DOUBLEDUAL™ Prodcut Line Replacement Chart- Power coil replacement chart for current dual pole product offering.  Simplify your fleet equipment today with this universal plug option! (PB20131125)

7-Way ABS Powercoils

7-Way ABS Powercoils - Premium quality assemblies designed for the demands of modern ABS-equipped trailers and for multiple-trailer configurations.  (PB20180401)

Severe Climate Solutions

Severe Climate Solutions – Winter weather can wreak havoc on your trucks equipment.  Tectran provides a full line of products to help you combat extreme climate conditions.  From hose & tubing with super cold flexibility rating, to corrosion resistant anodized gladhands we have all your severe climate solutions! (PB20140124)

WeatherSeal™ Field Install Kit Instructions

Installation instructions for Part No. 670-71WS.

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