Aircoil Selection Guide

Which TECTRAN aircoil is right for you?

Aircoil TEC Tip

Aircoil TEC Tip

Aircoils - ARMORFLEX-HD™

ARMORFLEX-HD™ Aircoils with Armor Tubing are constructed using TECTRAN’s unique double jacketed tubing design which substantially lowers operating and cold flexibility ratings to -85°F. ARMORFLEX-HD™ also features TECTRAN’s unique FLEXGrip-HD™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grips – our most robust grip for ultimate kink protection!  5 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101AFA)

Aircoils - Industry Grade

Industry Grade Aircoils are constructed using premium, unprocessed virgin nylon tubing. LIFESwivel® all brass, corrosion resistant live swivel fitting provide a quick, single wrench installation. 2 Years Limited Warranty (PB20160101IG)


MANGNUMFLEX-HD™ Dual-Line Aircoils feature all the same protective armor coating as the ARMORFLEX-HD line with the added benefit of Fused Technology bonding the lines together into one single unit. This Fuseed Technology allows for the most tangle free, coiled tractor-trailer connection system in the industry! 5 Year Limited Warranty (PB20160101MF)

Aircoils - PROFLEX-SP™

PROFLEX-SP™ Aircoils features the FLEXGrip-SP™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grip. These uniquely tapered grips flex with air lines during tight turns providing the industry's most advanced kink protection. 3 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101PF)

Aircoils - VORTECX™

VORTECX™ ARMORCOIL Aircoils with Brass Handles are constructed using TECTRAN’s unique double jacketed tubing design which substantially lowers operating and cold flexibility ratings to -85°F. Brass handles on trailers leads provide added tubing protection during gladhand connections. 3 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101VT)

AIRCOILS - V-line with LIFESwivel®

V-line Aircoils featuring a LIFESwivel®  1/2" live swivel tractor fitting for faster installations. 1 Year Limited Warranty (PB20160718LH)

Aircoil Installation Practices

The following practices should be adhered to in order to maximize performance and life of tractor/trailer connection lines.

Aircoils - ARMORCOILS™

Tectran's unique ARMORCOIL™ Aircoil assemblies consist of standard, approved Nylon Airbrake Tubing that is armored with an external protective sheath of durable polyurethane. This ensures compliance of the important tube assembly to pertinent DOT & SAE standards, while providing additional protection against kinking, abrasion and cut-through. The protective polyurethane armor is stripped back inside the nut of the fitting, enabling the use of approved DOT/SAE compression fittings, while providing extra protection to the tube at the fitting. Assemblies are fitted with FLEX-Grips™ to provide even better protection to the inner tubing during gladhand connection. Technical specifications provided.


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