Miscellaneous Parts

Dash Fans

Speedy Air - Tectran has added Dash Fans to our extensive product line. Standard and Heavy Duty options are available. Each dash fan is packaged in an attractive, retail ready packaging. (PB20130403)

Skylight Assembly

Skylight Assembly - Tectran's skylight assembly's unique design eliminates the need for adhesive, tapes, or silicones that are susceptible to cold, and vibration damage. (PB20161130) 

Blow Gun & OSHA Safety Tip

Air nozzle OHSA compliance bulletin for the compact safety lever blow gun – Part No. 14501 & 14501-1 (tip installed).

Fuel Line, Vapor Emission & Crankcase Ventilation

This durable, quality-made hose is similar to the SAE J30R7 specifications. It is used for conveying most current types of fuels in automobiles, trucks and buses. This hose is also an aftermarket standard, providing excellent service for original equipment, wholesalers, aftermarket packagers and auxiliary tank manufacturers. Technical specifications provided.

General Purpose Hose

Our General Purpose Hose is a premium 300 psi high oil resistant non-conductive push-on hose that will provide smooth, safe performance in oily and harsh conditions. Technical specifications provided.

Skylight Assembly Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Part No. 4011.

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