Additional Electrical

Circuit Breaker Sockets

Circuit Breaker Sockets Tri-Fold

Parts Kit

Parts Kits Flyer


Pendilube Tri-Fold

Professional Parts Kit

Professional Parts Kits Flyer

- MSDS - Dielectric Grease

MSDS sheets for Tectran Part No. 500-70 & 500-72.

- SDS - Pedilube (Aerosol)

SDS sheets for Tectran Part No. 500-55.

- MSDS - Pedilube Sample

MSDS sheets for Tectran Part No. 500-10 & 500-12-25.

ABS Sensor Extension - Universal

Universal ABS Sensor Extensions -The Universal Extensions allow you to stock one part series and remove the plug as needed to create a straight end extension. Removable 90° female plug adapter. Extensions are compatible with Meritor/Wabco style systems when used with plug. Detach adapter for use with Haldex and Bendix style systems. (PB20130506)

Step-Down Connectors

Step Down Connectors - Connect two different sized gauge wires in one smooth and reliable connection. (PB20141029)

Professional Fuse Caddy Layout

Full coverage for the Professional Installer.  The Professional Fuse Caddy contains 180 of the most popular fuses and installation tools the professional installer needs to service passenger cars and light trucks, medium and heavy duty trucks, and buses.

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