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TEC-360° pour l’AirPower Line - Une première dans l’industrie! La pince TEC-360° pour l’AirPower Line offre la même robustesse que notre pince TEC-CLAMP originale avec un pivot rouge supérieur en plus. La pièce pivotante de la TEC-360° permet à l’AirPower Line de tourner librement afin de prévenir le pliage, l’entremêlement des ressorts et la pression sur les points de raccordement. (PB083017FR)

AirPower Lines

Air Power Lines - The All-In-One-Connection Soultion! Tectran invented the AirPower Line to solve snagging and damage of straight hookup lines for users who prefer not to use coiled lines. Fully factory-assembled, the AirPower Line combines all of the best features of TECTRAN’s rubber air hose and ABS cable assemblies into one convenient bundle that installs in minutes. (PB20160101AP)

AirPower Lines Solution de raccordement tout-en-un

TECTRAN a conçu l’AirPower Line pour permettre aux utilisateurs qui préfèrent les câbles de raccordement droits aux câbles spiralés d’éviter les fissures et les dommages causés à leur matériel. Assemblé entièrement en usine, l’AirPower Line offre les meilleures caractéristiques de notre boyau d’air en caoutchouc et de notre
câble ABS dans un ensemble pratique facile à installer. (PB20170130)

AirPower Lines - ArticFlex

ArticFlex AirPower Lines are the ideal all-in-one connection solution for severe weather. Low-temperature grade rubber air hoses and ABS power line are made to perform in the most extreme weather conditions. Premium FLEXGrip-HD™ and heavy duty spiral wrap extend product life and minimize costly downtime.(PB20160101ARTF)

AirPower Lines - DOUBLEDUAL™ 4-in-One

Air Power Line - DOUBLEDUAL4-in-One - The 4-in-One DOUBLEDUAL configuration combines the convenience of the AirPower Line plus an added tailgate power line featuring Tectran’s DOUBLEDUAL one-plug Solution. TheDOUBLEDUAL dual pole plug is universally configured to function with both vertical or horizontal socket designs. Simplify your connection lines with this universal plug option.(PB20170221APL)

AirPower Line - V-line

V-line AirPower Lines combines rubber air hose and ABS cable assemblies into one convenient bundle which installs in minutes. (PB20160923APL)

Air Brake Tubing

Air Brake Tubing - Product line up featuring air brake tubing. Available in a variety of lengths, color and sizes. (PB20171219ABT)

Air Shift Transmission Hose Assembly

Air Shift Transmission Hose Assembly- Tectran has added Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies to our Air Components Line.  These hose assemblies feature an improved Live Swivel design.  Our Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies are offered in a wide selection of lengths as well as customs sizes. (PB20131127)

Air Tank - Product Lineup Reference Guide

Air Tank Full Prodcut Line Up Guide - Tectran has added new Air Tank part numbers to our product line. This guide displays the full Air Tank line with images. (PB20170104AT)

Air Treatment - Desiccant Cartridges

Desiccant Cartridges - Our new expanded line of desiccant cartridges covers most OEM dryer options. All cartridges are new - no hidden core costs! (PB20141101C)

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