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Double Tender Kits

Tender Kit Selection Guidelines

When deciding which tender kits length will best suite your needs there are a few factors to take into consideration.

First, the out-of-the-package weight of two air hoses and a single cable tractor-trailer connection line is between 15 and 20 lbs. Second, when extended to full working length during a tight  right-hand turn, the force exerted by these lines on a tender spring is nearly 80 lbs and can be up to 120 lbs in very cold weather. 

A good rule of thumb when selecting a 16" or 25" tender springs is that the springs should not be pulled more than twice their “fully relaxed” length during turns. A Dual tender spring is strongly advised in all cases, but particularly for installations that will be exposed to very cold temperatures or expected to work within tight yard spaces where jackknifing is common.

Complete with:

  • Large snap Clip            
  • “Beefy” clamp hanger      
  • Heavy duty spring
  • Protective sleeve  
  • Yoke
Part Number Stock Code
25" Hydraulic

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