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Powercoils-Light Duty
Black (ETB) 6/14 - 1/12 Gauge

7-way Wiring Systems

Today’s tractor and trailer 7-way wiring systems use 12 gauge wiring for lighting, 10 gauge wiring for the stop lamp (red) and ABS (blue) circuits and an 8 gauge wire to provide an adequate ground return. All new tractors and trailers must be equipped with these sizes of wiring to provide the necessary power to support lighting & ABS systems. Multi-conductor cable in this configuration is colored green for the primary ABS cable and yellow for an auxiliary cable if one is required, and the cable of this construction that must meet the rigorous performance requirements of SAE J2394.

You can replace any lighter gauge wiring with these wire sizes as long as you use the appropriate connections such as SAE J560, 7-way plugs & sockets. Therefore, if you operate any ABS-equipped tractors or trailers you may wish to use only the J2394 type cable.

  • Recommended for light duty applications that are not ABS equipped
  • Extremely flexible, even in brutally cold conditions as low as -85°F (-65°C)
  • High strand count copper conductors with machine crimped brass terminals for dependable electrical connections
  • Abrasion resistant outer jacket is highly resistant to UV rays and commonly encountered chemicals such as diesel fuel and hydraulic oil
  • Die-cast SAE J560 Buffalo Plugs with heavy duty double gusseted handles come standard 
  • Powercoil designs have excellent coil memory
Part Number Stock Code
Lead Length
(tractor x trailer)
12 ft
12" x 12"
Die-cast plugs with spring guards
15 ft
12" x 12"
Die-cast plugs with spring guards
15 ft
12" x 12"
Die-cast plugs with spring guards (1 plug/1 blunt cut end)
15 ft
48” x 12”
Die-cast plugs with spring guards
15 ft
72” x 12”
Die-cast plugs with spring guards

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