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Powercoils ABS Duty- Poly Plugs
Green (ATG) 4/12 - 2/10 - 1/8 Gauge

SAE J2222 Standards

Tectran has participated in the rewrite of an important SAE Standard relating to the performance requirements of coiled cable assemblies for the trucking industry.

The new SAE J2222 contains numerous improvements, the most notable of which is a tightening in the requirement for sag resistance. The previous document allowed sag of as much as 54” on a 15 ft coiled cable! Considering the mounting receptacle locations on the tractor and trailer that are stipulated by other SAE and TMC documents, this allowed the cable to sag to below deck level. Sag-and-drag is a common cause of coiled cable failure. The new Standard dramatically improves the performance criteria, more clearly defines working length and works in conjunction with the TMC Recommended Practices relating to the selection, installation and maintenance of these lines.

  • Premium quality assemblies designed for the demands of modern ABS equipped trailers and for multiple-trailer configurations
  • Extremely flexible, even in brutally cold conditions as low as -85°F (-65°C)
  • High strand count copper conductors with machine crimped brass terminals for dependable electrical connections
  • Abrasion resistant outer jacket is highly resistant to UV rays and commonly encountered chemicals such as diesel fuel and hydraulic oil
  • Die-cast SAE J560 Buffalo Plugs with heavy duty double gusseted handles come standard 
  • All plugs are factory injected with grease for easy installation and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent coil memory meet or exceed SAE J2222 performance standards


Part Number Stock Code
Lead Length
(tractor x trailer)
12 ft
12" x 12"
Poly plugs with spring guards
15 ft
12" x 12"
Poly plugs with spring guards
15 ft
48” x 12”
Poly plugs with spring guards
15 ft
72” x 12”
Poly plugs with spring guards

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