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Rugged Electrical Connection Solutions - Tectran has developed a better way to ensure sound electrical connections between the tractor and trailer. Our tough “BUFFALO” plugs and sockets put up a hefty fight against corrosion and harsh handling. Easiest plug to field install in the market!

Buffalo Plugs & Sockets give you:

  • More heft for tougher handling
  • Better sealing against corrosion & weather
  • Tighter tolerances for a good fit to all makes
  • More meat to carry more current to more places

What is the Bull-Nose? The Bull Nose is a unique feature that helps put Tectran’s BUFFALO connectors way out in the lead.  The name comes from the “leading edge” shape of the lid, which offers the advantage of one-hand insertion of the trailer plug and better latching, sealing and corrosion protection.

  • Rugged design and construction
  • One hand connection
  • O-ring sealed between the front and backside of the housing
  • Designed to divert water and other road slop
  • Meets SAE performance requirements for the each configuration available
  • When closed the sealing ring embeds inside the Bull Nose lid
  • Interchangeable with other connectors that meet SAE  requirements
  • Brass terminals and pins for maximum current carrying ability


23300 23400 23500 23600 23700
23800 23900 24000 24020 24100
24200 24300 24400 24500 24600
24700 24800 24900 25000 25100
25200 25300 25400

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