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Back Up Alarms
Tectran has developed a partnership with Triton Signal Corporation, the North American affiliate of a leading global backup alarm manufacturer with over 40 years of design and production experience in this important group of safety products. This has enabled Tectran to offer a broader range of high quality alarms that possess several unique performance features. 
Drop-in Replacement
Due to their sizing and mounting dimensions, these alarms are designed for easy replacement of other popular alarm makes. Interchanges to competing manufacturer alarms are shown in the part number charts.
Patented Dome Speaker™ and Double Reflex™ Design
Tectran’s Triton heavy duty alarms use a patented Dome Speaker™ transducer that provides the high sound and pressure levels of a large speaker with the increased efficiency of an audio driver in a compact horn. The unique Double-Reflex™ horn design allows a 24” horn to be packed into a standard size alarm housing, providing the same output power as a single reflex style with half the current draw and dramatically reduced heat buildup.
Self-Cleansing Pressure Port System™
This patented system uses power from the Dome Speaker to pump mud, dust, and water out of the sound chamber of heavy duty alarms. The result is increased reliability in hostile environments.

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